Become Part of a Diverse and Dynamic Group

The Boston Ironsides welcome men of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels. Whether you've been playing rugby all your life or have only just heard about the sport, we invite you to check out our team. There are plenty of opportunities to participate both on and off the pitch. We all have a passion for the game; if you're new to the sport, we think you're going to love it too! 



I'm not sure if I'm in good enough shape for rugby. What if I can't keep up?

We won't lie, rugby is intense; the intensity will build as the season progresses. It's not easy, and everybody needs to push themselves to become a good player. The only way to gauge how far you can push is to try it, it's worth the effort!

Is there a chance I could get injured?

Yes. Same as any sport. But the training and the laws of the game are designed with player safety in mind. We'll teach you how to minimize the risk. Tackling and other contact will also start out light and intensify as time goes on.

What should I wear? Do I need any special equipment?

Eventually, you'll want a good sturdy rugby practice jersey, proper rugby shorts, a mouthguard, and boots (rugby boots or soccer cleats).

How early should I get there?

Be kitted up and ready to start moving at the specified practice time. Most players arrive about 15 minutes early to throw the ball around before practice starts.

Do I have to have health insurance to play?

Yes, it's required. Please provide a copy of your insurance card to the team secretary.

What about fees and dues? Does it cost a lot to play?

Less than many sports, since the equipment is minimal. Dues are currently set at $125 per season plus an $85 annual fee to get "CIPP'd" through USA Rugby.

If I have other questions, who do I talk to?

Either message us on Facebook or email

I've never played rugby before. Will I be able to follow what's going on?

Practices will focus on a lot of skills and physical conditioning. Also, you can check out the Rugby 101 Primer (below) for an overview of the sport. Besides, the best way to learn rugby is to dive right in!

Rugby 101

In many ways, rugby is a far less cumbersome sport than football. However, as with any sport, there are rules which must be followed, and penalties that result from breaking them. The following primer will give you a pretty good idea how the sport of rugby is played, and will be great preparation regardless of whether you intend to watch or play: 

RugbyPrimer.pdf — courtesy of the San Francisco Fog

You could also invest in a copy of the new Rugby Union for Dummies or the original Rugby for Dummies for a no-nonsense and entertaining introduction to the sport. Or even better... just show up at practice and we'll teach you how to play!

Getting Your Kit

Before your first match you'll need a basic set of equipment, collectively called a "rugby kit." You should bring your own mouthguard, rugby boots (or soccer cleats,) navy tube socks, and a water bottle. The team maintains shared uniforms. Most seasons, players have the option to purchase personalized jerseys and shorts are available through World Rugby Shop.

For More Information

To find out more about joining as a playing member, come to one of our posted events, practices or matches, or e-mail us at