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The team is ordering more of our newest kit.  The team already owns generic 'Game Day' kit in numbers from 1-25.  We will be adding 27-31 to the team collection (as a player has 26).  These are distributed before games and collected and washed afterwards and are usually given out based on starting numbers for that day's games. 
If you want your own Jersey personalized with your name and number, you can order one here.  The paypal button will ask for size, fit (tight or regular), Name to go on your Jersey and Number to go on your Jersey.  Personal jerseys can be worn in games but no two players should wear the same number on the pitch at the same time.  By all means pick the number for your typical position, but just be aware that there may be times where you are asked to wear a generic team jersey because your number is already on the pitch.  Tournaments will be especially picky about this.  
Regarding sizes: The Tight fit is *very* tight.  The team kit is all 'regular' size.  There were samples of jeresey at the last practice, so if you didn't get a chance to try one on, ask someone your size who did. For myself(Sully), I normally wear a large jersey, but the large tight O'neill's Jersey is unwearable for me and even the XL is more snug than I'd like.
Note - once you click 'Add to Cart', a second tab will open with the cart.  Some browsers may not switch focus to it, so if it looks like nothing is happening, look for a new tab.  
All prices include a PayPal fee built into them

Custom 2016-17 Ironsides Jersey - $80.00

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